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Directions to Campsite

Marton House
- A528 Shrewsbury to Wem Rd
- at Harmer Hill tn L but stay on the A528
- Tn L into Myddle.
- Cont thru vill thru rdbt
- In 2m tk 2nd R, SP Weston Lullingfields.
- Fm dr is 100 mts on the R.
- Sign at the entrance to drive

Approach to Marton House drive

View of approach to
Marton House

Camping and caravanning club with house sign

Turn Right
up the drive

Travel through gateway follow track round tothe right
Blue sign sowin yo to the capsite
Welcom to Marton House Campsite

Travel through gateway,
follow track
round to the right
keeping brick buildings
to your left

Campsite straight ahead

At blue sign
turn Right

Heading 4

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